The Edgewater Ep By Megadon216 & Surfklub216

I got the pleasure to check out this nice EP from Cleveland’s own Megadon216 called “The Edgewater EP”. Edgewater,which is the name of one of the parks that is situated by Lake Erie here in Cleveland, OH. The EP, is representing an alternative brand of Hip Hop called “Surf-Hop” and is based off Megadon’s alternative ideology “The Seven Laws of Surf Hop”.

Starting off with the intro song, Pantheon Intro, which catches your attention as soon as the base drops, which creates an anxious feeling to make you want to hear more. Megadon216 who states that he wants to “Be where the champions be” sets a tone expectation to see what will Mega deliver next! “Can’t Stop This Wave” that is produced by Blair Neff is a song that is a radio hit! I found myself playing it back to back LOL On the song “Gnarley” I truly love the hook on this single that is produced by Melrose Zee. Thhe song with a feature including a singer named, Esther Fitz, whose voice I have already fell in love with for her voice is something different than the norm!

Overall, I truly loved the vibe of this EP! I like how everything is composed & even though, Megadon216 is a lyrical artist, he made sure to keep listeners riding the wave he has created from, beginning to the end with the goal of being the best! Megandon216 made sure to shout some people out on the single “Show My Love” including 216 The Beat’s own Cream of the Crop!!! Here’s the track listing of the EP:

1.) Pantheon Intro (Prod. By JRock Beats)
2.) Can’t Stop This Wave (Prod. By Blair Nerf)
3) Gnarly (Prod. By Melrose Zee)
4) Like You Ft. Esther Fitz (Prod. By E Haynes)
5) Show Me Love 2 (Prod. By Rioretti)
6) The Beach (Prod. By Black Metaphor
7) Time Interlude (Prod. By Deagle)
8) Over (Prod. By CRIPLA)

Ride this Cleveland wave & make sure to check it out!


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