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Ski Mask The Slump God in Cleveland


Our very own Dayson & Hailey (she didn’t want her photo posted), from ‘The Hailey & Dayson Show attended #TheSlumpGod show #Lastnight.

Hailey & Dayson described the show as one of the best shows they’ve been to.

Ski Mask performed a tribute to Xxxtentacion and Mac Miller along with all his fan’s favorite tracks

They moshed, Hailey passed out, but the night ended on a highnote for them once they got to meet Ski Mask. Both of them said he was super nice, very personable and made sure that Hailey was ok.

Unfortunately, one of Ski Mask’s other fans passed out as well and later passed away. Hailey & Dayson witnessed him passing out but everyone thought he was going to be ok. He passed away while waiting for the Ambulance to arrive. Our condolences go out to Adam’s family 🙏🏽

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