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Hey! Don’t forget that 216 The Beat Radio station is the platform for all those voices who are being UNHEARD!!! I had the pleasure to check out these 2 artists singles that I actually liked & I feel have a message to be spread! Sometimes we can’t always post the most repetitive things…I like to show how diversified we are as a station, and I do know for a fact that Cleveland has a whole smorgasbord of talent….check these 2 out!!

THE actual TANIS

Tanis Quach aim is seeking to expand a consciousness and an artistic platform that is not perverted by the satanic or stereotypical agenda that is normally being pushed.

contact: theactualtanis@gmail.com


C-Still states that this song is about no matter what the situation is being true to yourself, not giving up, and always remembering that you always got the better hand…..that you can make your situation turn out to be the best situation. RATHER BE ME!!

Wait….Is Peewee Longway Done With Music???

Sooo….I just happened to check my timeline on Twitter and ran across a post by one of my favorite trap artists’ that has me wondering….is he quitting the rap game??


Its a sad day folks…I have no idea as to what is going on in Peewee Longway’s personal life, but I am assuming it has to be involving a woman so close to him that her opinions is affecting his thoughts on his career.

I been a fan of Peewee Longway, who hails from Atlanta, since 2013. The first single I heard from him was titled “Sneaking & Geekin” which is one of the blazing singles from off the “No Sleep” mixtape by Dj Esco towards the end of 2013.

Ever since then I would stalk http://www.livemixtapes.com anticipating for the next mixtape that either featured Peewee Longway or was his own full length work. A few examples of albums I enjoyed are: Gucci Mane- Brick Factory, Peewee Longway- Blue M&M’s 2 and 3, Mr. Blue Benjamin, and his recent album “Spaghetti Factory” that was released earlier this year is a nice album to listen to also!

When I say an official trap rapper, he is that MAN! Peewee Longway will give you that feeling as if you’re in the trap house cooking up some rerocc on the stove…OK!!! He just did an interview on Sways In The Morning show back in May stating how he did not realize he has fans in New York and got a little emotional speaking about it…geesh Peewee you will be missed!!! Peep his latest interview below.

Who vandalized Prince tribute?

If you’re from Cleveland you’re aware of our ‘Supreme’ store better known as, ilthy.

Glen Infante has silently contributed to the Culture for the past 10 plus years. You’ve seen and admired his work and have no idea who he is.

The famous brightly colored paintings, T’s and murals of celebrities eating sprinkle covered donuts. Cavaliers T-Shirts with the team pictured as caricatures. The infamous easter egg colored depiction of Jesus. Countless in-store events and cool ass marketing photos and videos.

If you’ve attended a Cavaliers game, driven past the arena or driven around Cleveland…particularly the Westside, you’ve more than likely have seen his work. Glen has been procured several times to beauty the grey Cleveland landscape with his awesome murals.

One of those murals being a tribute to Prince. It was recently vandalized. Nonetheless, Glen’s loyalty to his city and dedication to his work had him repainting the defacement for hours.

Thanks Glen for your contributions to the Culture of our city!