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Eminem chose to keep the rap battle going between him and Machine Gun Kelly. Just over an hour ago, he dropped a single called “KillShot”!!!!


I swear I just listened to the interview Eminem had with Sway yesterday! When asked if he would respond back to MGK, he stated that he didn’t want to give MGK anymore clout due to the fact who Eminem is! But, Eminem did mention that he was VERY pissed and being in the position that he is in, the only response he can give is on record.

Geesh!!!!!! Eminem basically gave MGK the cock sucker of the week award!! Comment your thoughts below!

MGK Responds Back to Eminem Diss!!

This past Friday, the internet was blazing off the unexpected release of Eminem’s album, Kamikaze, which had a lot of shade being thrown at certain entertainers, one being, Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly!

Well….MGK did not disappoint! He made sure to respond back the next day with a track titled “Rap Devil”.


In my opinion, MGK did what he was supposed to do and went IN on Eminem….I do not care if Em responds back or not! At least MGK came battle ready!!! I swear this rap beef has not only Detroit & Cleveland in the spotlight, but it seems to be a certain theme going here LOL

Make sure to comment your thoughts on the video below!

Eminem- Kamikaze (AUDIO)

Eminem pulled a Beyonce’ on us and dropped an album in the middle of the night!

Stream Kamikaze HERE!!!

Listen to my thoughts here:

G Eazy, MGK Diss

August 31st, 2018 seems to be diss MGK [Machine Gun Kelly} Day.

Eminem dissed MGK on his new #Kamikaze album that dropped at midnight.

G Eazy decided to add fuel to the flames that Eminem sparked and dropped this diss:


Halsey was last seen back in June with her previous Ex, Machine Gun Kelly… More on the story here: HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM


Photocred: Instagram


Photocred: Hollywoood Life

More on the story can be found here: CLICK HERE!!!