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Korey Buckets talks Cake on Cake with Cream

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DaBaby recently had an interview with 106.7 The Beat radio station in Columbus, OH while out on his “DaBaby Tour”.

While it’s a very brief interview, most likely due to time restrictions, he got to speak on how he is feeling having the #1 album in the country, him being such a marketing genius walking around wearing a big ass diaper at the South By Southwest festival a couple of years back that obviously got people to remember his name.

I laughed when Midwest Mally mentioned when DaBaby did his show in Cleveland on how the ladies was definitely turning up for him! I think the chic did some type of move on stage LOL Watch the rest of his interview below to see his thoughts on Nipsey Hussle passing & what DaBaby has coming up in the future.


If you are from the Midwest then you know that yesterday was a holiday that is dedicated to the special men in your life titled “Sweetest Day”. That’s when all us ladies go all out for that special man to show our appreciation & gratitude of having that man in our life!

King Styleon dropped a video yesterday titled “The Sweetest Day Flaws & All” basically expressing his feelings to the woman he loves. Overall, a great video and I am starting to find myself looking forward to future projects from King Styleon. A Cleveland, Ohio native whose lyrics have meaning as well as a feel good charm to it that I know y’all will truly enjoy!! Check the video out below & comment!!!


Eminem chose to keep the rap battle going between him and Machine Gun Kelly. Just over an hour ago, he dropped a single called “KillShot”!!!!


I swear I just listened to the interview Eminem had with Sway yesterday! When asked if he would respond back to MGK, he stated that he didn’t want to give MGK anymore clout due to the fact who Eminem is! But, Eminem did mention that he was VERY pissed and being in the position that he is in, the only response he can give is on record.

Geesh!!!!!! Eminem basically gave MGK the cock sucker of the week award!! Comment your thoughts below!

Ski Mask The Slump God in Cleveland


Our very own Dayson & Hailey (she didn’t want her photo posted), from ‘The Hailey & Dayson Show attended #TheSlumpGod show #Lastnight.

Hailey & Dayson described the show as one of the best shows they’ve been to.

Ski Mask performed a tribute to Xxxtentacion and Mac Miller along with all his fan’s favorite tracks

They moshed, Hailey passed out, but the night ended on a highnote for them once they got to meet Ski Mask. Both of them said he was super nice, very personable and made sure that Hailey was ok.

Unfortunately, one of Ski Mask’s other fans passed out as well and later passed away. Hailey & Dayson witnessed him passing out but everyone thought he was going to be ok. He passed away while waiting for the Ambulance to arrive. Our condolences go out to Adam’s family 🙏🏽

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