$am Supreme The Miss:Tape Album Release Party

$am Supreme The MISS:Tape Album Release Party

Written by P.S. Rambo


If you can make it in Cleveland, you can make it anywhere. I remember hearing that phrase as a kid and not understanding the meaning of it. In a city where everybody has a song to sing and a chip on their shoulder, it seems almost impossible to find genuine comradery. That’s the first thing I thought as I sat in the back corner of The Winchester Music Tavern, observing the crowd before approaching the tiny superstar that is $am Supreme. I could tell from her smile and hand shake that she had something to say, a message to tell. As the showcase started, and she introduced the first act, there was a child like glee in her voice. From my experiences, a lot of artist, especially new artists don’t want to admit their fandom for a fellow artist. So, it was a relief to see how every artist cheered on the next. Each had a relationship that you could tell ran deep. Famyne Red led the pack, giving an energetic performance that left me searching for him on Instagram to make sure I could get more later. Next up was MellowXAckt, performing songs of his latest release, The Wind EP. Tribe Untitled, a local group consisting of 6 over the top lyricists that had more energy that I think I’ve been able to muster up in years.


Finally, it was time for the reason we all came together, Sam supreme herself. From the first song on her set list, the rage was real. Her producer, Dijital, soon graced the stage, keeping the energy in the building at a constant high. Heading banging and dancing across the stage playful, Sam proved to be a true performer, not missing a beat. On more intimate tracks, she sat, speaking her truths so profoundly, it couldn’t be denied. You would’ve expected on a night as big as this for an artist to want the spotlight to themselves, but that wasn’t the case at all. At one point she even invited someone from the crowd to freestyle. If tonight is any look into the future, I must say that is it bright for the female powerhouse that is $am Supreme. Spirits tell all, and hers speaks of a humility and hunger that is unmatched. The MISS:tape is available on all digital platforms.

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UnderGod Interview w/ Paris Rambo

IMG_7337 (2)


To create according to Merriam-Webster means to cause something new to exist or to make or produce something. While that may be the truth on the surface, there are many levels to the word “create”. To create is to be free, uninhibited by the things or people surrounding you. True creation does not come without much frustration, isolation, and above all dedication. I found this to be the case as I sat with Diandre Byfield, CEO and founder of Undergod by Byfield. While waiting to start our interview I made it a point to watch as he worked, paced back and forth, took phone calls, greeted guests and completed customer purchases in what seemed to be one fluid, intuitive motion. All with a smile might I add. Make no mistake about it though, none of this came over night or even in weeks. There was a process and much doubt to get to the debut of his Trampled Rose collection, released at Spaces & Co. this past Saturday. There he explained in a brief interview what this collection means to him, and how it came into fruition.

IMG_7299 (2)

Tell us a little bit about yourself as the designer.

Honestly, it’s all just God, man. It’s just a blessing to be in this place right now. I’ll tell you, six months ago I really see any of this happening. I’ve been designing clothes since I was like 8 or 9 years old, I started the brand when I was 14 and I’ve been through a lot of different things. I’ve lost money, I’ve gained money, I’ve had business partners. I guess my story is just of perseverance and just pushing through, I just don’t quit and I don’t stop.

Can you explain to use the idea behind the name Undergo, and more specifically this collection, Trampled Rose?

So, the name UnderGod came from basically I was in a situation where I really couldn’t come up with a name for my brand, and I prayed about it and God gave me the name UnderGod, and that’s how it basically happened. And then Trampled Rose is based off Ephesians 5:2, Walk in the way of love just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

IMG_7314 (2)

What was the process of the design and colorway that you used?

The whole idea of having the patch on the shirt and the idea of the patch in general was just based off the fact that I had a shirt that was made previously with a friend of mine, and he didn’t like the way the front of the shirt looked, so I basically had to figure out a way to get out of it. So, I came up with getting some patches together and I came up with the idea of putting the patch of the shirt, so that’s how the whole collection came about.

How long did it take for this collection to fully come full circle?

6 months to get out of that mode of that doubt and fear. Some shirts I had for a while, some ideas I had for a while in my head. Every creative has a time when there met with like a cloud or an issue or a problem and it’s hard for them to escape that. That’s basically what was happening to me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 1.21.04 AM

Were there any influences on these designs?

For each design they really were inspired by my previous jacket, the JSV jacket. I wanted to make a shirt version of that.

I’ve seen a lot of people in the city wearing the Trampled Rose tee, how does that feel to see so many people behind you?

It’s amazing, it’s a great feeling. I’m just proud, I’m happy that God has opened those doors. It’s just God. I didn’t think that people were gonna buy into that much, but the fact that we’re doing what we’re doing and people are here supporting the brand, it’s an amazing feeling, so I just thank God.

What do you want people to take away from, when they hear the name UnderGod and they see your brand?

We’re all under God. This is not about me, it’s not about you, it’s not about a brand, it’s not about anything else, it’s about us being together. We’re all under God. UnderGod is a family, it’s a posse, it’s a clique, it’s a group, all of that. If I have an event it’s gonna be food there, it’s gonna be people there, it’s gonna be good music, vibes, homies, everything is gonna be good.


The Trampled Rose Collection is now available at ugbybyfield.com

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Photo Cred: Paris Rambo

Interview Cred: Paris Rambo

Rapper XXXTentacion dead at 20


Uproxx Studios

MIAMI — Rapper XXXTentacion was shot to death in Miami, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department  reported.

TMZ reported the 20-year-old was leaving a motorcycle dealership when a gunman fired shots at his vehicle. The rapper was rushed to a hospital but his condition isn’t known, according to TMZ. Witnesses said on Twitter that the rapper appeared “lifeless.”

Video posted to Twitter showed what appeared to be the lifeless body of the rapper in the driver’s seat of a BMW i8. Helicopter video showed the same car at the exit of a dealership parking lot. It was surrounded by patrol cars and bystanders were gathered nearby.

A spokesperson for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said they are still gathering information after a shooting at 3671 N. Dixie Highway in Deerfield Beach, where RIVA Motorsports is located, roughly 43 miles outside of Miami.


Dispatch received a call of a shooting at 3:57 p.m., and the sheriff’s office confirmed that an adult male was taken to the hospital.

XXXTentacion, whose birth name is Jahseh Onfroy, topped the Billboard 200 album chart in March with the release of “?”.

XXXTentacion made headlines in San Diego when he was knocked unconscious during a performance at the Observatory North Park in June 2017. Someone rushed the stage and punched the rapper. He was whisked offstage as security guards fought with about 10 other people.

This is a developing story. 


XXL 2018 Freshman Class Cover

Yesterday XXL Magazine previewed the 2018 Freshman Class cover.


Yesterday while scrolling through my time line on Instagram, I got to see the cover for XXL’s 2018 Freshman Class! First, shout out to my home state, OHIO, for Trippie Redd done made the cover. The artists that I am proud to see too are: Lil Pump, Blocboy JB, and Smokepurpp.

For the other artists to whom I am not familiar with, I want to congratulate too! I am a little bothered that some artists who I think should have been on the cover, wasnt. I thought Lil Baby was going to get on it, but I think he changed his mind. NBA Youngboy is a good one that was not picked. Bhad Bhabie, even though I do love to hate on this young girl, but her music do bang & garnered clout. Tekashi 69 did not make the cover either, prolly due to him doing humanatarian efforts out in Chicago LOL.

Who else do you all think should have made the cover for 2018?

Drake Could Not Stay Silent For Long!!!!

Last night Drake finally dropped his response to Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” called “I’m Upset”

As I sit at my desk at work just ready to push some medical charges out, I logs into my YouTube to find a new Drake video…Im like whoa…do we FINALLY have a response from the Canadian Mist himself???

Well, I can say that he did not clap back at Pusha T with lyrical venom like we assumed he would. No…he did make some references to his questionable baby mother on the hook saying “Can’t go 50/50 with no ho”.

Overall, the most exciting part of the video was seeing the Degrassi reunion!!! For those who do not know, Drake starred in the show Degrassi, a Canadian born show from 2001 to 2009, whose character was Jimmy.

Drake’s fans got to see a slew of the fictional school’s most famous alumni, including Shane Kippel (Spinner), Stacey Farber (Ellie) Adamo Rugguiero (Marco), Lauren Collins (Paige), Jake Epstein (Craig), Christina Schmidt (Terri), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Linlyn Lue (Ms. Kwan), Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Marc Donato (Derek), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), AJ Saudin (Connor), Miriam MacDonald (Emma), Cassie Steele (Manny), Nina Dobrev (Mia), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), and Paula Brancati (Jane).

There’s even Ephraim Ellis, who played Rick — the student who shot Drake’s character Jimmy in one of the show’s most iconic episodes, leaving him in a wheelchair.

Drake even made sure that he was not the only one with drama…his old class mates shared a few themselves! There’s vandalism, public intoxication, and even a bathroom stall hookup or two.

Mr. Simpson at one point even buys some drugs from two other famous Degrassi alum: Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith).

Jaime Foxx Accused of Slapping Woman with his Penis

Per Vibe magazine, Jaime Foxx has been accused of slapping a woman with his penis back in 2002.


Unfortunately, Jaime Foxx finds himself being accused of sexual misconduct with a female, back in 2002, at a Las Vegas hotel. The accuser is stating that after denying Foxx of oral sex, he then slapped her with his penis, and kicked her out of his hotel room.

The accuser claims that she did go to the emergency room the next day after she suffered a panic attack from the abuse. Per TMZ, Jaime Foxx’s attorney Allison Hart, said that the star “emphatically denies” the accusation and that he plans to file a report with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department accusing the woman of filing a false report.

“The alleged incident was not reported to law enforcement in 2002, or at any other time in the last sixteen years until last Friday because the incident never happened,” Hart added. “We consider it to be extraordinarily reckless for any publication to publish this bogus story.”

In Las Vegas, the statute of limitations is only 3 years, so if Jaime was to be found guilty of sexual misconduct, the city will not pursue any further.

My thoughts…..For one, do not put yourself in the position to be slapped by a penis. If this did happen, why was the girl down there for his penis to reach her? Maybe he smelled a little tart down there? Who knows?? AND….Why wait this long to report being slapped by a penis?? Wow???

Spotify Removes “Hate Conduct” Policy Following Backlash

Spotify has now removed its “Hate Conduct” policy following backlash after removing R Kelly & XXXTentacion songs


I swear these days, anything that is remotely in reference to R Kelly’s music is feeling some type of heat right now! Why?? Obviously his fans are outraged that due to these recent kidnap and “slavery” type of allegations going around makes it quite hard to enjoy listening to his music. So much so that in May Spotify declared that they will make R Kelly’s and XXXTentacion’s music to not be as easily accessible as before with a “Hate Consent & Hateful Conduct” policy.

Sounds like a good idea right? Well….after Spotify had made their stance against R Kelly and XXTentacion’s music, their fans made sure to search out and play these artists songs more than usual! They literally brought both artist streaming stats to record highs that Spotify had no choice but to bring these artist’s music back!

In a statement released on Friday, the streaming service said it had created “confusion and concern”.

On Wednesday Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted it “could have done a much better job”.

On Friday, they explained the policy, which has 2 parts. The first, relating to the decision to remove artists from playlists if they were involved in “controversies”, has now been reversed.

“We created concern that allegations might affect artists’ chances of landing on a Spotify playlist and negatively impact their future,” the statement explains.

“Some artists even worried that mistakes made in their youth would be used against them. That’s not what Spotify is about.”

The second part focused on hate content, described as content whose principal purpose is to incite hatred or violence.

Spotify says this policy will remain but they clarified that “offensive, explicit, or vulgar content” don’t violate the terms.

Some artists feel as if its only hop hop music that’s being targeted. I think overall, Spotify wants to just stay out the clear of everything & hope to please everyone while still maintaining a safe musical environment.