Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage Shares Hip Hop Movement History

Hip Hop pioneer Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage shares jewels and gems on the history of The Hip Hop Movement. “As the son of the movement, I firmly believe The Hip Hop Movement resides as law and order of Hip Hop.”

“Bee-Stinger, better known as “The Son of The Hip Hop Movement” (given to him by the legendary Busy Bee) was part of the younger generation in crowds in awe of the founding forefathers of Hip Hop. He recalls Busy Bee enlightening his mind, “you are all sons and daughters of Hip Hop culture.”

Here is some history that often is not noted in Hip Hop culture. DJ’s like Grandmaster Flowers and Pete DJ Jones were one of the first DJ’s in the clubs that people knew of who were spinning disco, then Hank Span from WWRL came along showing off his wordplay live on the radio. This inspired DJ’s to add hype on the mic like DJ Hollywood at Studio 54 & The Garage. Disco King Mario of the Black Spades (first division) from Bronxdale projects, created one of the early venues to play Hip Hop at P.S. 123 in the Bronx and was DJing outside in the parks. He is also credited as DJ to Chief Rocker Busy Bee (1st solo emcee to rap on the mic in the realm of Hip Hop). The Hip Hop Movement also recognizes the true first ladies of Hip-Hop including Sha Rock, Lisa Lee, and Debbie Dee. In 1982 Melle Mel changed the game in Hip Hop with his recording of the song “The Message” which became an instant classic and one of the first glimmers of conscious Hip Hop.  During the golden age of rap in the 90’s Public Enemy blasted on the scene and gave the Hip Hop Movement the legs to stand on…

In 1990, also while working with the rap group Snap!, Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage a former member of the Zulu Nation is credited for carving the term “Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement” as inspired by Public Enemy’s recordings. The “Six Elements of The Hip Hop Movement” are Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness, and Community Awareness in music…

Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage went on to develop The Hip Hop Movement’s foundation in late 2016. His efforts were not unnoticed, in fact, the movement and brand became a major staple in Hip Hop culture as well as a registered service mark. The movement connects R&B, Civil Rights Movement, and Hip Hop culture into one brand, “Hip is the culture and Hop is the movement.”

Today, The Hip Hop Movement is the backbone of Hip Hop as it addresses persistent societal issues. Its mission is to provide a platform for emcees to share their conscious music that exudes substance and positive messages for our youth and communities, messages that strive for encouragement and empowerment. “Artists and Hip Hop enthusiasts head over to The Hip Hop Movement’s streaming channel on ROKU TV and submit your music now.”

Connect with Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage

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Hon. Ronald Savage, Former Member of the New York State Democratic Committee & a Civil Rights Advocate, Owner of the Hip Hop Movement

Owner of the Hip Hop Movement Servicemark

Hip Hop Movement (R)

Hip Hop Movement Steaming Channel on ROKU TV  

Hip is the Culture Hop is the Movement

Fokie Dope – Raised by Wolves (EP)

Fokie Dope releases his highly anticipated EP entitled ‘Raised by Wolves’, out now on all platforms.

These days with the flexibility of an independent artist to schedule and create their own releases they often lack the proper planning and/or spacing between other projects that sometimes leave potential fans confused. Fortunately, Fokie Dope is not one of those artists.

With tens of thousands of digital streams and even more views on YouTube, many artists and teams would simply look to expand on the momentum and milk the record and video for all its worth. Instead, Fokie rode that self-created wave to release a super dope EP called “Raised by Wolves”.

Fokie gets right to it on the lead track “Wolves”, the effortless flow over the string and key heavy track serves as the perfect starter to get your mouth watering for more. “Mission Statement” has that Detroit Player flow all over it, while “Sky Castles” featuring Kiwi serves as one the projects stand out tracks but don’t get it twisted, tracks like “Nobodies”, “Strange Program” and “Masters” serve more than just filler or taking up space as they could stand by themselves as singles possibly.

Very few recent projects have that “just press play and listen to the end” quality that classics are made of yet after your first listen you will definitely agree that “Raised by Wolves” would qualify as well. Stream the EP and connect with Fokie Dope on Instagram and Twitter @FokieDope.



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New Music Fridays

Welcome back to another T.G.I.F. I hope everyone’s week has been positive even during these crazy circumstances! I got some new music from a couple of heavy hitters and even from Cleveland as well. Please make sure to say a prayer for George Floyd and his family. I am getting tired of having to ask the question WHY US??


Cleveland native Barlos Montana giving us another installment of Kappin 4 Dummies that sounds more litty than the last! Trust me when I say that after listening to just 2 songs you will be hooked. Some of my favorite tracks include: “Say Less”, “Blessed Dat Bitch”, and “On Go” will have you singing along to the words in no time! LOL I can admit that I was waiting patiently for this project, and he did not disappoint!!


Just like Lady GaGa said above…I found myself doing the exact same thing!! LOL GaGa scores again with this new Project Chromatica. This album is filled with heavy energy songs whose lyrics have meanings that can be felt, but then an interlude plays for 1 to 2 minutes then it’s party time!!! Her voice is truly a talent, and she is a performer who will be here well over 20 plus years! Im still at Club Quarantine at the house please believe that this album will be part of my playlist Honey!!! A few of the songs I love include: “Rain On Me”, “911”, and “Enigma”.


Listening to Diplo‘s new project Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil reminds me of a modern cowboy type of western movie and this is the soundtrack! Look! I have a weakness for albums that have themes! They literally give me a whole vibe. Some the tracks that I like the most include: “Heartless”, “Dance With Me” who features Young Thug, and “Real Life Stuff” featuring Julia Michaels & Clever.


When I found out that Lil Yachty was coming out with another edition of the Lil Boat series I got too excited!! Yall can go back to New Music Friday posts from 2 years ago and I mentioned how everybody talking down on Yachty now, but in a few years they will be riding D!!! Guess what?? I think they need to grab a condom because the ride is about to be REAL!!! This 3rd installment has dope as features including: Future, Tyler The Creator, DaBaby, Drake and A$AP Rocky just to name a few! I can expect to hear some summer 2020 anthems from this project!! Tracks to check out: “T.D.”, “Pardon Me”, “Black Jesus”, “Can’t Go”, “Oprah’s Bank Account”.


Anything from Freddie Gibbs thats produced by Alchemist will have you on a whole damn vibe! This new project Alfredo sticks to the recipe, but is better than their previous collaboration, in my opinion. The track “Scottie Beam” just had me dying slowly until I heard Rick Ross voice, then I flat lined!!! Then the track that follows it, “Look At Me”, hits you with that Freddie Gibbs flow that makes his style so distinguishable and makes you want more! Even though it’s only 10 tracks, those tracks will satisfy a your earbuds very well!


I haven’t heard any new music from Ace Hood in a long time. Lately he’s been putting out fitness videos with his new wife, and they’re literally doing very well with that! Mr. Hood is an album that shows a level of maturity from the artist. Even though he’s been out for a little over ten years, he’s always made songs about the regular struggles of life but made it in a way that can motivate you to keep pushing. This new album doesn’t have those type of songs, but still carries itself with radio type of tracks. I personally like “12 O’Clock” that features singer Jacquees. This album gets an honorable mention for the week. Does this mean we will start to get new music from Ace Hood more often??? Hopefully, that is the case!


Things that I love about BIG K.R.I.T. is that he always stays true to himself, his lyrics stay consistent & on point, he also produces his own music, and represents Mississippi proudly! K.R.I.T. Wuz Here stays true to what I am accustomed to when it comes to K.R.I.T.’s music. Now that he’s been independent we been blessed to see him blossom into an artist to be respected.

Here are my honorable mentions for the week!! Make sure to check them out as well 🙂




New Music Fridays

IT’S NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s up my Goodies!!! Yesterday was my 28th birthday for the 2nd time, and ya girl kept it very simple which turned out to be a great birthday. It’s now officially Gemini season and this is the season when everything is LIT!! Thankfully I am off to enjoy this holiday weekend with my family and loved ones, and I hope the same goes for you guys as well!!!

Now let’s get into this new music!!! Gunna finally drops his sophmore album, that according to him, is showing more of his “other” side, his alter ego….to explain this best…Gunna is a lovely Gemini, and Gemini is known for duality, the twins, two personas, the best sign ever etc LOL What’s funny is on a few songs I did see the difference like on “Dollaz on My Head” featuring Young Thug that felt like a totally different Gunna. Now do I believe that this album can take the #1 spot…umm..I dont know, but I do believe that he will come very close! While I only listened to the album once..maybe after I play it for a few times I will find myself having his album on repeat. LOL

Westcoast artist, Bino Rideaux, is out with a fresh project that I can guarantee will have you vibing to it all weekend. I enjoy how Bino rides the beat while telling a story that will keep you very attentive wanting to expect more from him especially during a time when the feeling of going outside sounds so tempting but risky all together. This dope project has features including: Mozzy and Fredo Bang.

Skooly is an artist whose music I will always anticipate! He always delivers regardless if he’s giving you a hard flow or preaching about some real shit. This new project not only has a dope ass cover giving us an Adams Family feel to it. What’s funny is, for Skooly to be an artist from Atlanta…he does not sound like the majority of artists who came from there. Tay Keith, Lil Baby, and 2 Chainz will have you bopping your head to this on repeat!!

There’s an artist that I totally feel like gets better and better every time I hear a new project from him, and that’s Key Glock! Not only does his music be bunkin but he has a flow that makes him stand out from any other Memphis artist. It’s cool that Young Dolph not only cosigns him they also did an album together too as well, but Key Glock can honestly hold his own. I bet that his name will still be ringing bells in the next couple of years!

This is my first time listening to artist Kota The Friend and I am pleasantly surprised!! He’s an artist who has a dope lyrical flow rhyming on top of dope beats as well!! I believe Kota is an artist who will be around for awhile especially if he stays this fly!










DJ Smilez ‘Wet 3’ Mixtape


DJ Smilez presents ‘Wet 3’ available on Audiomack. The 11-track mixtape features Ludacris, Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, Floetry, Jill Scott, Jagged Edge, Pretty Ricky, and more. Stream below and connect with DJ Smilez.

Track List

Sex Room (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Ludacris ft. Trey Songz6:26

Freak’in Me (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Jamie Foxx ft. Marsha Ambrosius5:47

Say Yes (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Floetry5:30

So Gone (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Jill Scott ft. Paul Wall4:54

Walked Outta Heaven (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Jagged Edge6:49

He Can’t Love You (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Jagged Edge4:11

Falsetto (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) The Dream5:27

Slow Kisses (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Joe5:29

Call Me (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Pretty Ricky4:53

Faithful (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Plies5:52

Love Song (Slowed N Chopped by SLABAllstarz DJ Smilez) Missez ft. Pimp C5:43

Wet 3 on Audiomack

Math Hoffa vs Brother Polight

This is a crazy story that just broke. Math Hoffa was threatened and warned to avoid supporting Dr. EnQi healing people with coronavirus. Math Hoffa recorded a live stream where Dr. EnQi commented via the chatroom and Math Hoffa told everyone to watch Dr. EnQi Coronavirus Testimony video where he shows how he heals the virus. Saneter and Brother Polight immediately began to threaten Math Hoffa until the video was deleted.

What is the world coming to when “scholars” can extort Battle Rap Legends like Math Hoffa below is the video they are scared for you to see? Let’s work together to heal in this crisis!

by Rachel Cardigan

New Music Fridays

IT’S NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what??? It’s 6 days until my birthday Goodies!!!! My birthday is also the start of the Gemini season, which is also known as the best sign ever!! I can admit that due to this Coronavirus outbreak the thought of celebrating my birthday is like a love/hate thing right now. Yes, they do plan on opening restaurants for dining in, but I decided that I will have a small get together at my home, and fix a crab boil while I sip on some tequilas!!!! Usually I don’t even be home on my birthday, but I’m happy to still be alive celebrating a new year of life so think of me next Thursday. My cash app is $tinanita if y’all feel like showing ya girl some love for her birthday.

Future dropped a new project that I think is another meaning to him not drinking Lean anymore. Dope features that include: Drake, Travis Scott, NBA Youngboy and Young Thug gives this album something to anticipate, but still has a feeling as if something is missing. I realized what was missing….Future’s original style, music to turn up to. I know people will hate me for saying this, but I miss the music he made that I can see myself at someones after hours vibing off to. This album didn’t have me ready to shake my ass to…just none of that. All I did was listen to the lyrics and bobbed my head. Maybe a 2nd listen may help with my perception of the album. Just not now. IJS bring back my original Future Astronaut LOL
At first I thought that Polo G album was going to be as depressing as this rainy weather I am feeling, but I am proven wrong!! The Chicago native made sure to shout out deceased artist, Juice WRLD, who is also featured on the album as well as King Von, Lil Baby, and BJ The Chicago Kid. You will start to see the album turn up once you get to track 5 then it’s smooth sailing after that. I do appreciate Polo G and his stories that sound very relatable to the normal man.
Deante Hitchcock first album has me smiling. He really put his all into this project, and it delivers that same energy back to it’s listeners. I can guarantee that this album will stay on repeat especially with dope features from JID, Young Nudy, 6lack and Miguel will have you thinking to yourself that this guy must be dope as well, and to be honest…he is.

Honorable Mentions for the week: ZAIA, SHEFF G, ROY WOODS, and CHIEF KEEF