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Here is the rest of this dope, but informative interview with a special man by the name of Dj Lance, but better known to me as my dad!

In the part 2 of the interview Dj Lance speaks on his downfalls with drug abuse, how he overcame it, and how he enjoys still entertaining people except now it’s entertaining the spirit.

It’s surprising to see how much a person truly loves their craft and found a way to evolve in it while spreading positivity through it! being the oldest child, I can say that I have seen my dad at his greatest as well as his lows. One thing I always keep with me is the fact that as long as I am living, there is always a chance to become a better individual for not just me, but for my family too!

Check out the rest of the this great interview below and if you guys are on Facebook make sure to follow Dj Lance at Lance Bell!

Part 1

New Music Fridays

Hey! It’s your girl, Mz Slimgoody back with my views on recent music releases that in my opinion…you should check out! this list won’t be long like my next “New Music Fridays” posts will be, but it’s never about the quantity, it’s always about the quality!!!


First off….all hail to the Queen!!! OMG!! I was so pumped when I found out that Kim was coming out with an album, and even more happier to hear that Kim is still good on the lyrics, and has a great ear for productions!! Like you can really bump her album with a good sound system to really vibe too. I definitely love the hidden artist features including Rick Ross, Rich The Kid, OT Genesis, and the City Girls!! This album is definitely something to keep on replay. Love you Kim!!!


Wale truly put his whole body and soul into this album! From the beginning to the end this album never disappoints. Ya’ll should know that I LOVE Wale!! Wale seems to be one of those people that even after I think I read his first page…I have to keep reading page after page to truly know Wale, which can be a good or bad thing, but when it comes to his music…this theory is definitely a good thing!


The main reason why I am writing about this album is because I do love me some Gucci Mane! I am that down ass chick for those I truly fuck with and Gucci is that man in my head OK!!! Honestly…there was nothing on this album that gave me that old Gucci feeling from back in 2013, but what I do respect is how much he is putting on the new artists. For example, the track “Big Boy Diamonds” that features Kodak Black, seems to be Kodak’s whole track, plus he needs positive press anyways while he is currently serving time in jail. That is those types of examples showing how Gucci Mane gives love back even though he tried to start a whole beef with DJ Envy and Angela Yee from the Breakfast Club smh


Let’s give a shout out to one of my favorite females coming out of Detroit! We’ve been hearing her name since 2012 or 2013, and now it’s 2019, and Kash Doll has finally dropped her first debut album!!! Her album “Stacked” has dope features including another one of Detroit’s pwn Big Sean, Trey Songz, Summer Walker, and Teyanna Taylor! A very upbeat album that also tells Kash Doll’s story too! In my opinion it’s definitely a must listen, and also placed on Billboards top 100 too!!

Here are the other dope new music releases to check out!












Bizzy Bone’s Interview with the Breakfast Club

Cleveland’s own Bizzy Bone, from the legendary group Bone Thugs N Harmony, visited my favorite morning crew, The Breakfast Club, last week! Bizzy has been a busy guy lately…with his new project out “Carbon Monoxide” for which he is currently out doing promo for, as well as making cooking videos on Instagram, and being involved with a small beef with the Migos late last year…I guess you can say that he’s been a busy man lately.

It’s been years since we have heard Bizzy doing any interviews, and I am glad to say that it was about time!! Bizzy caught us up with his current life being a granddad and how he goes about things differently than his past. He also spoke on great memories of his group…making music with two of the greatest rappers, Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac, even being kidnapped as a kid! This was truly a dope ass interview that allowed Bizzy’s fans and others to get to know him better than before make sure to check out the whole interview below!

New Music Fridays

It’s Mz Slimgoody back with my reviews on certain albums that were released within the last few weeks. Some projects were very much anticipated while some were mediocre, but still listen worthy for I love plenty more bounce to the ounce!! LMAO *insert my corny ass jokes*

YOUNG M.A. – Herstory In The Making
Mannnnn….how long have we been waiting on Young M.A. to FINALLY drop her project?? One thing I am very proud to say is that this wait is very well worth it! While listening to her album it felt good to hear the different producers she has worked with down to even Zaytoven! A New York flow with a southern producer? HUH?? Sounds crazy right? Guess what? She rode that beat! I love how she allowed us to really get to know her story from rapping about her love life and how certain emotions have affected her creativity at times. This project proved to me that Young M.A. is still here to stay!

DaBaby – Kirk
Who knew while the country was mourning the unexpected death of Nipsey Hussle, DaBaby while still making a name for himself as well as topping the charts, had lost his father on the same day. He mentioned in a recent interview that his father’s death was what inspired him to name his second project after him. Now I will say that after hearing the intro, which is very deep and heart felt, the rest of the album is what you will expect to hear from DaBaby. He has such a flow about himself, and is very good at telling visual stories, but I believe when it comes to production, he stays very safe with sticking to what works for him. DaBaby has a few songs that I love, like the hidden feature with Nicki Minaj that even upped her “A” game!

Kevin Gates – I’m Him
Kevin Gates came thru with a new project since getting out of jail in early 2018. He had a few mixtapes that were released, but I think that now Kevin is in a better place mentally and spiritually. His involvement can be heard on this new album. Kevin is even giving more interviews as of recently promoting this project, and even speaking more in a positive light on his growth and the changes he has endured to put him in the space he is now currently in. Of course Kevin is still gritty, hardcore, and spiritually felt on his album. I had to listen to it a few times prior to speaking on it, but overall it’s worth it.

Nivea – Mirrors
When I seen that singer, Nivea had finally dropped an album I was so excited!! I mean come on…it’s been over 10 plus years since we even had a single! I think the latest music we heard from her was a feature on Lil Wayne’s “Carter V” album. Now we have “Mirrors” and we finally can hear what Nivea has been up to in all these years!! Some of the songs you can tell were made awhile ago while there are some that were made recently. This project sounds like a smorgasbord of music put together to let us know her versatility. On a recent interview she mentioned that she will like to get into song writing again for other artists. I do think that you have to listen to the project more than once to gain a real perspective of it.

Sabrina Claudio – Truth Is
This artist has such a sultry voice that tells sweet stories of love and heart break. I do not know what it is that attracted me to this artist, but I truly vibe to her music. Sabrina’s new project goes right into more stories of a relationships ups and downs with a bluesy feel to it. She has a way of telling a depressing story that makes it sounds so good you forget the heart break in the song! I swear this album is perfect break up music.

Summer Walker – Over It
This is one of my most anticipated albums for this year! I truly love her voice and the stories she tells I can truly relate to! It’s hard for me to describe exactly my thoughts for her album which aren’t bad by any means but if you have been a fan over Summer’s I think you will get what I am saying!! I love beautiful voices over dope ass beats that you can listen to even while chilling with your dude! Her project is definitely a must listen!!

Here are the other dope releases to check out!!!

Tebi Rex – The Young Will Eat The Old

J-Soul – The Heartbreak Kid

Rory Fresco – 816icko

Danny Brown – uknowhatimsayin

Peewee Longway x Money Man – Long Money

Young Dro – I am Legend 2

Yo Trane – Waves In The Moonlight


Recently I was blessed to interview a dj who I have always been inspired by musically, my father, DJ Lance.

My father’s djing career spans over 30 plus years! Even my first memories of my dad was him, his turn tables, and hella records! I could’ve interviewed any other Dj, but no one truly inspired me the most like my dad. Every one has a story and I wanted his story to be told from his beginnings in Akron, OH to his life now as Pastor Bell!

I definitely enjoyed hearing about the very first time he had a dj gig while stationed in Alaska! Believe me when I say from that very first gig, he blew up like smoke….literally!! LOL Check out part 1 of his interview below!!

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!


Hey guys! Im back with my introspective on some of the new music releases that has come out recently!! I hope all is well with everyone especially since summer is officially over, and if you are like me, you will be so glad see it back again next year! But, in the mean time check out some dope music to vibe to in the process.


One of the most sexiest males in rap history who is better known as Common dropped an album that truly had me see a different side to him. Like I felt as if I was seeing right thru him! I seen an interview that he did explaining that he his goal was to be totally transparent with this album. He mentioned that he has been seeing a therapist to help deal with his own past/current issues, and this album gave him the voice to truly put his vulnerability out there! Ladies, it’s not often that a man will be transparent with his thoughts,and since Common is such a talent when it comes to his lyrics, listening to this album will allow you to see this artist for face value. Dope album!


The label TDE is know for having talented artists like Kendrick Lamar, SZA, and Schoolboy Q just to name a few, and singer, SIR, is another one you can add to the list! I swear he reminds me of some of the late 90’s r&b artists who not only could sang, but also told familiar stories of relationships, love and heartbreak. What sets SIR out to be different is his delivery…make sure to pay attention to what he is singing about I bet you will love this album, and it will be on repeat!


Can you imagine being a regular teenager from New York than BOOM you drop a project that people like Dj Akademiks are speaking nothing but positive words towards it?? Well…I will say that’s Tecca’s life right now!! I literally never heard about him until he dropped this project. I will be paying attention now tho!! This project has dope beats and his delivery reminds me of that wavy music and I admit it’s lit!!


Post Malone dropped this new project that I can already assume will be doing numbers especially once more singles from off the album start to be on regular rotation. You know that same formula he worked on his last album. While being a hater I just could not deny the fact that he makes hits! Everyone is not lucky to say the same. It’s too early to speak on what this album will do, but stay tuned and watch his magic flow.


I love pop artists who love to collaborate with hip hop artists to create real dope ass music! Charli XCX is that type of artist who stays very consistent with that formula! This woman has worked with the Migos guys and the single still was LIT! I definitely love the album especially the album cover! I see you girl! Her album is something you can listen to with your kids in the car, and if you have teens they are most likely jamming right with you too! I can tell her subject matter has matured from the last project as well as a more rough around the edges type of style! I think she is all around dope, and her music and this album reflects that!


Gashi is a new artist that i believe will be gaining more clout going into the new year. He’s a New York artist, but his style sounds way more upbeat and energy driven. I can see him being a crowd pleaser as well has the hood clubs turn up captain in the summer. I truly like his energy! Hopefully he stays consistent so we can hear more of him in 2020!


Whoever told Boosie to hook up with producer Zaytoven was smart!! I am amazed that no one has told him this before. This whole project is dope! Boosie gives you his normal Louisiana bounce music while also dropping knowledge for the youngstas on other songs too! Y’all just do not understand that I am truly his fan, and I loved the fact that I had this project on repeat for almost 2 weeks straight!!! This project is definitely a must hear!!!


Lou “Lou Will” Williams Silent Listening Party Underground Goat

What do you call a successful NBA player, father of two, a philanthropist for his community, and an underground rapper? His name is, Lou “Lou Will” Williams a.k.a. the 6th man. When it comes to goals, there really isn’t much he can’t accomplish. The 32 year old was drafted to the NBA in 2005 after successfully finishing his high school career as the second all-time leading scorer in Georgia high school basketball history. He’s played for various teams within the league, but is now with the L.A. Clippers. 

As if a successful basketball career wasn’t enough, Williams has just completed his new album, The Underground Goat. I had the opportunity to attend his silent listening party and interview him at the swanky private membership establishment, The Gathering Spot, in Atlanta GA. This private event was sponsored by the Cognac, Martell. The signature, customized Martell drinks included, The Underground Goat, Rebound, and 23, all inspired by Williams and his love for music and basketball.

The vibe at the listening party was grown and sexy with a dose of swag. The lights were dim, and the DJ was killing it. As the attendees arrived and sipped their Rebound or 23 signature drink, they were bobbing their heads to the music while interacting and networking with one another. Music producers, NBA players, artists, and media all were patiently waiting to hear the new heat from the man of the hour. 

Around 11pm, Williams hopped on the mic to announce that it was time to put on our headphones, and the silent listening party began. The room was quiet, and illuminated by the blue lights on our headphones. Williams starts off the session by thanking everyone for coming out and jokingly says, “The album is like 35 minutes long, listen to it with an open mind, that’s for all the MF’s that came out to make sure it was corny enough for them.” As the crowd laughs, the beat drops. 

Williams takes us through each track giving us the inspiration behind the songs, while vibin’ and performing to each record. He pulled inspiration from his childhood, past relationships, and current lifestyle.

Heavily influenced by Philly artists and producers, the album has a variety of songs catering to the ladies, paying homage to ATL, and party songs that definitely got the crowd hype . Williams said, “The first few records it was just me rapping like a MF to prove to y’all I could do it.”

Williams said, “I didn’t want any big name artists on the album, only underground artists because we all coming up together.”

It’s no doubt that Williams definitely proved to us that he has talent, and he definitely has a solid album. I’m excited to see what his future in the music industry holds, and I definitely think his style is a force to be reckoned with!lou will 1lou will 2