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David Letterman Talks Season 2: My Next Guest

David Letterman on season 2 guest Kanye West: “I think he’s so artistically smart”

David Letterman talks to NBC’s Willie Geist about his newly announced interview with Kanye West
David Letterman and NBC’s Willie Geist

David Letterman talks to NBC’s Willie Geist about his newly announced interview with Kanye West for the second season of his Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction saying, “Kanye West. When I was done with Kanye, I kind of felt like I wanted– you want to kind of father him and I think he’s in good hands and I think he’s so artistically smart.”

Letterman added about the interview with West, “I was frightened honestly because I had only met him a couple of times on the show and I knew that depending on the day, you weren’t quite sure which path you were going to be on… he was working on what he calls his Sunday service and I didn’t know what to expect…and we went to it early in a sound studio in Burbank and it was remarkably spiritual…it was quite moving.”

More of Willie’s interview with David Letterman will air on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist on Sunday, May 19.

Credit: NBC’s “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist” with an airdate of Sunday, May 19



Credit: NBC’s “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist” with an airdate of Sunday, May 19

WILLIE GEIST: So tell me more about the beard.

DAVID LETTERMAN: Well, you tell me about your toupee.

WILLIE GEIST: You went right to it.

DAVID LETTERMAN: I’ve been waiting to use that line for four years. I wish I had a story. It started out I was just tired of shaving. And then now, I’m afraid to see what’s under there. So, you know, there it is…Initially, it was just pure, ‘I’m tired of shaving’ and then, the longer it went — I wake up, and I forget that I have it honestly.


Credit: NBC’s “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist” with an airdate of Sunday, May 19

WILLIE GEIST: As you sit here today, Dave, do you miss doing late night TV?

DAVID LETTERMAN: You know, the first year, I sure did. And when they wise up and let you go, you’ll go through it because you get into a rhythm and so I missed that…but the best part is I get to do stuff with my son, who is now 16.

DAVID LETTERMAN: People always say, ‘Well, you know, you’re not going to be the kid’s best friend. You’re going to be his’ — and I say screw that. Look at me. How much longer am I going to be around? I want to be the best friend, but, he’s not keen on me being his best friend.

WILLIE GEIST: So Harry as he moves into his teen years is not as keen on hanging  out with Dad as you’d hoped?

DAVID LETTERMAN: That’s right. I’ll tell you, at my age and you know, this is no breakthrough revelation. But the most secure I ever feel is when I’m around my son.

Ice Cube – Arrest The President [Audio]

Ice Cube – Arrest the President Listen now:


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Many Voices, One Akron


Ameer Williamson will be the MC for Many Voices, One Akron Event on October 20th.

Free Tickets are available on Eventbrite

A-MINUS is a positive hip-hop artist from Akron, Ohio who is creating his own lane by starting a movement through community outreach in an effort to change the negative mindset of youth. He is also the founder of A NEW WAY PROJECT which is an afterschool program that teaches youth positivity through creative writing and performing arts. He is a recent graduate of the United Way Neighborhood Leadership Institute class of 2016. His trademarked brand “ALIEN NATION” serves as a clothing line and an independent record label that specializes in developing young talent. The company’s motto is “DARE 2 BE DIFFERENT”. A-MINUS has performed at various venues/schools throughout northeast Ohio.

Catch A-Minus On The Throne on The Elite Radio Show with Ms. Cream of the Crop.

Jaden Smith “BACK ON MY SH*T.” [AUD]

Jaden Smith returns with a new banger, titled “BACK ON MY SH*T.”

Fresh from releasing his music video for SYRE cut, “The Passion,” Jaden Smith returns with a new banger, titled “BACK ON MY SH*T.” The song can be found on the soundtrack for Crystal Moselle’s new film, Skate Kitchen, which Jaden also stars in.

“The song is completely inspired by the movie Skate Kitchen that just came out,” Smith told Zane Lowe during his Beats 1 appearance. “It’s about a female crew of skaters that are trying to find themselves, but they realize that their crew is the only thing that really helps them go through the city and feel like they are apart of something.”