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Lou “Lou Will” Williams Silent Listening Party Underground Goat

What do you call a successful NBA player, father of two, a philanthropist for his community, and an underground rapper? His name is, Lou “Lou Will” Williams a.k.a. the 6th man. When it comes to goals, there really isn’t much he can’t accomplish. The 32 year old was drafted to the NBA in 2005 after successfully finishing his high school career as the second all-time leading scorer in Georgia high school basketball history. He’s played for various teams within the league, but is now with the L.A. Clippers. 

As if a successful basketball career wasn’t enough, Williams has just completed his new album, The Underground Goat. I had the opportunity to attend his silent listening party and interview him at the swanky private membership establishment, The Gathering Spot, in Atlanta GA. This private event was sponsored by the Cognac, Martell. The signature, customized Martell drinks included, The Underground Goat, Rebound, and 23, all inspired by Williams and his love for music and basketball.

The vibe at the listening party was grown and sexy with a dose of swag. The lights were dim, and the DJ was killing it. As the attendees arrived and sipped their Rebound or 23 signature drink, they were bobbing their heads to the music while interacting and networking with one another. Music producers, NBA players, artists, and media all were patiently waiting to hear the new heat from the man of the hour. 

Around 11pm, Williams hopped on the mic to announce that it was time to put on our headphones, and the silent listening party began. The room was quiet, and illuminated by the blue lights on our headphones. Williams starts off the session by thanking everyone for coming out and jokingly says, “The album is like 35 minutes long, listen to it with an open mind, that’s for all the MF’s that came out to make sure it was corny enough for them.” As the crowd laughs, the beat drops. 

Williams takes us through each track giving us the inspiration behind the songs, while vibin’ and performing to each record. He pulled inspiration from his childhood, past relationships, and current lifestyle.

Heavily influenced by Philly artists and producers, the album has a variety of songs catering to the ladies, paying homage to ATL, and party songs that definitely got the crowd hype . Williams said, “The first few records it was just me rapping like a MF to prove to y’all I could do it.”

Williams said, “I didn’t want any big name artists on the album, only underground artists because we all coming up together.”

It’s no doubt that Williams definitely proved to us that he has talent, and he definitely has a solid album. I’m excited to see what his future in the music industry holds, and I definitely think his style is a force to be reckoned with!lou will 1lou will 2