Hey guys! It’s your girl Mz Slimgoody coming to update ya’ll on an event I got to host back in November!

If you guys remember, last year I interviewed a talented guy by the name of Brandon Bell, who is an actor, rapper, activist, father, and a wonderful husband to one of my high school alumnus. Well…he invited me to not only attend this wonderful event, but to also host the event as well! Needless to say…I was beyond excited to partake in this experience, and network as well!

This super dope event I speak of is The Connected Series Season 2 premiere. I got familiar with the series last year when Bell’s manager requested that I interview him and provided me with a little bit of his resume which had me intrigued and also anxious to meet him. Now fast forward to the premiere itself which was at a local movie theater in Euclid, OH. Yes I can admit that the event started on CPT time LOL but the energy was very welcoming and animated.

The Connected series is a crime drama that Brandon Bell is the main character and the creator of the series too! The crime drama follows him as he navigates his life with all of this crime, suspense, and wavering loyalties going on…I am surprised he was able to make it to season 2 without dying!!

Pleas do not think that I am going to indulge all of the juicy details from the premiere!!! Oh No!! So make sure to check out the series premiere below, and all of the dope actors I got the chance to interview! I also must note that all of the actors and production crew are all from Ohio, talented people, and in December I found out that the series got picked up by a network!! Major congratulations to the cast and crew of The Connected series!!!


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