Featured Artist of the Month

216 The Beat Radio Station Featured Artist of the Month, Gahtdamn!

Allow me to introduce you to our featured artist of the month, Gahtdamn. Coming from the historical town of Hopkins, South Carolina, is a fresh new artist who is ready to show the world his talent.

Prior to Gahtdamn starting his rap career, he used to only write for other artists such as his sister & cousin who are featured on his hot single “For The Love Of Money” which has a Bone Thugs N Harmony sample from a song off their Grammy award winning album E.1999 & Eternal. After awhile, the rapper , who still writes, deciding he wanted to rap and things have been moving ever since! Gahtdamn describes his music as “riding around” music. That type of music you can picture yourself on a warm day, riding around with all the windows down, with my music on blast, just enjoying the vibe. Gahtdamn had his first performance down in Atlanta for Dj Pressure’s mixtape release party for which he advised that he performed very well & the crowd loved him! Gahtdamn is being received so well from fans that his music has been featured on a few radio stations here in the US and overseas. Overall,the interview me & Gahtdamn had was great and his vibe is cool! I have a feeling that we will be hearing his name very soon… just stay tuned!!!! Make sure to check out Dj Pressure mixtape:

IG: gahtdamnqgee


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